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When Life Hands You the Pits… Make Soup!

When Life Hands You the Pits… Make Soup!

Guest Blogger, - Young Chang February 22, 2021

We asked our friend Young to tell us about her experience making Roasted Avocado Pit soup.


If ever there is a time to be frugal, it is in the middle of a pandemic winter. Home cooks know making soup is a fantastic way to stretch out a buck. Saving vegetable scraps to build a stock is common practice. Have you ever wished to create a bone broth from scratch yet keep it vegetarian? Well my friend, while going Vegan for a month, found that avocado pits could be roasted and added to veggie stock as a substitute for chicken bones. That sounded brilliant to me! Being on lockdown for close to a year makes any twist on a standard recipe revelatory, and I knew I had to try it.

I had already been using organic avocado oil in my cooking, and adore avocados in general. If you think about it, throwing out such a large portion of an avocado does seem wasteful. I started saving the pits immediately.

Once I had 5 pits saved in the freezer, I roasted them on a baking sheet until they turned bronze. I did not follow a recipe. I built a vegan vegetable stock by sautéing onions in avocado oil, adding chopped carrots and celery. I added tons of garlic, herbs and spices to season the broth. As always when building flavor, I added an Oomph Cooking Blend. For this soup I chose Herby Duxelles since I did not have mushrooms in the stock otherwise. Also, the Oomph Blends with mushrooms are my absolute favorites. 

Once the avocado pits were done roasting, I added them to the pot, topped it with filtered water and simmered, allowing all the flavors to develop. Once the stock was ready, I strained out the scraps (discarded the used avocado pits), added new vegetables to the soup for texture and enjoyed the soup for days. The avocado pits added a subtle earthy, nutty, creaminess to the overall soup. The outcome was absolutely scrumptious and I’m already saving more for my next vegan soup stock. Life can hand me more (avocado) pits any day.



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