Why Mushrooms Matter


Mushrooms for Cooking and Health

We love mushrooms. Mushrooms provide an earthy, umami-ness that adds depth and complexity to any dish you are cooking. There are numerous varieties of the fabulous fungi, some are poisonous, but the ones that are not are amazing! At Oomph we currently use two mushrooms in our No.1 Duxelles and our No.6 Shiitake Umami blends; shiitake mushrooms and white button mushrooms. 
The versatile mushroom can be a fantastic culinary addition to main courses, like risotto or casseroles or they can be used to boost the richness of side dishes like sautéed or roasted vegetables, stuffed mushrooms or simple garlic butter mushrooms.  For vegetarian and vegan lifestyles the mushroom can fulfill that umami, savory flavor profile. 
When you are eating mushrooms you can be sure you are adding incredible nutrition to your plate.  

Benefits Mushrooms May Offer


1. Boosting heart health with their Eritadenine, Sterols and Beta Glucans. 

2. Mushrooms have unusually high amounts of the antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione.  Antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress, which is a factor in many of the diseases of aging like cancer, 

3. Boost your immune system and lower inflammation levels in your body.

4. Prevent memory and language problems in those 60 years and older.  Eating more than 2 servings per week of mushrooms can reduce your odds of having mild cognitive impairment. 

5. Mushrooms may promote overall good health with valuable sources of B vitamins, phenolic compounds, potassium and bioactive substances like Selenium & vitamin D2.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of eating mushrooms so you can feel good about adding this fungus to your meals. You will please your palate and your body with tastiness and health benefits. 


Our two mushroom blends incorporate white button and shiitake mushrooms with other nutritious and flavorful ingredients. 














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