2021 Holiday Recipe Collection FREE DOWNLOAD

This is our second annual Holiday Recipe Collection. Oomph had the honor of collaborating with three amazing individuals to bring this incredible collection of holiday recipes to life.

At Oomph, our mission is to offer the highest quality, healthiest, and easiest ways to boost the yumminess and nutrition in any dish. We are so excited to work on this project with Ana, Andy, and Penny, three amazing cooks and recipe developers. Each of their recipes showcases their ingenuity and passion for creating delicious, healthy, and creative meals.

Using our blends can be a game-changer. They boost any dish with healthy flavor and offer exciting and innovative versatility for everyone from novice cooks to professional chefs.

From our kitchens to yours we hope you find joy and deliciousness in these pages that can play a role in bringing your loved ones together to share meals and love over the holidays.

5 Recipe Creators, 13 Amazing Recipes, Healthy and Delicious for your Seasonal Table!