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Tin, Portland, Oregon

"This is my “Oomph Face”.

This is the face I make when something is easy and makes me happy. Happiness is Oomph Cooking Blends.


Why do I say this? ..."

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...It is easy!!! When you need a little something extra, but are not quite sure what that is, then just grab some Oomph and your instincts. I am a Southern Belle and make black eyed peas every New Year’s and this year I added No.3 Sofrito Blend. They were fantastic!
Also, BBQ’ing is a favorite for southern folk so we “Oomph Up" our hamburgers with the same No. 3 Sofrito Blend. They were so yummy! I am slowly making my way through all the Oomph Blend numbers, so more “Oomph Face” to come!

Michael, Milwaukie, OR


"Your taste buds are gonna love you for it. The 8 different blends can make one wonder which one to use with any given dish. Try using a few in the dish you’re preparing. I use up to three blends at a time. When preparing I will let the Oomph “bloom”.   Meaning...

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...Letting it rehydrate. Whether it blooms in Virgin Olive Oil in a saute pan, a shallow bowl with Modena Balsamic Vinegar, even anything being dusted with your choice(s) or what ever other way you have in mind. Eggs. Asparagus. Potatoes. Mushrooms. Meats. Anything. Let it absorb the choice(s) you’re using. Other than meat or poultry products, I let it sit out to bloom. And, I have not used salt or pepper in years. Try it. You’ll like it! You won’t be disappointed.…….Michael."

Ivy Manning, Portland Oregon

"What did I do before Oomph?"

"I've cleared off my shelf of fancy salts and replaced them with Oomph's blends. Last night, ...

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I added the Shiitake Umami blend to a tofu stir-fry, used the Sofrito blend in minestrone at lunch time, and sprinkled Refogado on home fries this morning for a breakfast win. Later I'll be snacking on popcorn drizzled with Three Star blend bloomed in butter. I don't normally go in for seasoning or spice blends, but Oomph is different, they are vegetable-based flavor dusts that meld seamlessly into anything you add them to!"


Ivy Manning is Author of 9 cookbooks including Instant Pot Miracle 6 Ingredients or Less, Italian Instant Pot,
Better Soups From Scratch with Quick Breads to Match
www.ivymanning.com  instagram: @ivy_manning

What is an "Oomphologist?"

NOUN: A person that is passionate about the benefits Oomph and uses it at an expert level.  

" I have every one of your blends sitting on my counter. I use them everyday. I am a busy mom and Oomph helps me get the flavor and nutrition into our food. It is a real time saver. Thank you for making Oomph!"

Sarah - West Linn, Oregon


"Slighty obsessed with @oomphcooking!"




Thanks for the Love!

"WHOA! We got these locally made @oomphcooking blend from our co-op before isolating in. Since we are rationing food and eating a lot of grains and beans this was an umami packed f'in delicious addition!!! you only need a tiny spoonful. The packs go a long way! Bon Appetit!."

Mark, Portland, Oregon

"I love the ease, versatility, and especially the quality of Oomph Cooking blends. They make adding, well, an oomph of flavor to so many dishes a snap. With a world of blends ready to take your tastebuds on a culinary adventure I highly recommend every kitchen keep some Oomph on hand. A great product made with care and love by passionate folks with extra big hearts."

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We love this amazing burger made by Mark; Shrimp burger with Asian 3 Star blend, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. Burger fixins are kimchi, mayo, pickled red onions, lettuce and toasted potato bun.


Oomph It Up.

" In our house we Oomph-up our meals. Oomph is now a verb we use almost daily! We are putting Oomph vegetable and herb blends on our veggies! Veggies on veggies, hahaha so awesome. "

Rachelle - San Francisco, CA