Autumn Pear and Red Bell Pepper Salsa With Oomph Three Star

Autumn Pear and Red Bell Pepper Salsa With Oomph Three Star

Autumn Pear and Red Pepper Salsa with Oomph Three Star

It is finally time for Fall cooking! Pears are abundant right now and are excellent in this sweet and savory Fall salsa.  We love pears for their flavor and their health benefits. 

A bowl of pears for our Autumn pear and red bell pepper salsa with Oomph Three Star Blend

Pear Health Benefits

• Pears are high in fiber. You can get 20% of your daily fiber from 1 pear!

• Pears have a low-glycemic index

• Fight free radicals with pears, they have vitamin C, vitamin K and copper. 

• Pears have a healthy amount of Boron, good for our bones. 

• Pears are considered hypoallergenic, a pear allergy is extremely rare.

• Pears have anti-inflammatory properties.

The list goes on, pears are really good for us and they shine in this recipe.

Oomph Three Star Blend with Scallions Ginger and Garlic

In addition to red bell peppers and shallots our super seasoning Oomph No.5 Three Star blend with Scallions, Ginger and Garlic. So this dish offers not only deliciousness but packs a ton of nutrition into each spoonful!

Scallions Health Benefits

• Contain Allicin, Quercetin and Rhodopsin

• Immune booster

• Low calorie

• Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial

• Contain vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C

• Contain flavonoids

We love scallions for their mild almost sweet onion flavor and their beautiful bright green color.

Ginger Health Benefits



•Soothing for an upset tummy

• Fights the common cold

• Anti-inflammatory

• Contains Gingerol and Zingiberaceae

Garlic Health Benefits

• Contains Manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B1 & calcium







We hope you enjoy this delicious side dish as much as we do.It pairs well with roast chicken, fish, and is yummy with chips!

Autumn pear and red bell pepper salsa with Oomph superfood seasoning Three Star blend


1 pear, cut into small cubes (peeling is optional)
1/2 large red bell pepper, finely diced
1.5 tsp. Oomph No.5 Three Star
2 scant tsp. Apple cider vinegar
Salt to taste
1 shallot, finely diced
Juice of 1/2 lime ( lemon works too!)
1/2 tsp. sugar optional


Mix pear all ingredients in a medium size bowl.
Toss with a spoon to begin to bruise pear and salt and Oomph are completely mixed. 
Refrigerate 1 hour and serve.

* If you are serving immediately, you may add a small dash or two of water to help soften the pairs and rehydrate the Oomph. 


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